How to Win at Online Roulette

Roulette is one of those casino games which exude luxury. It comes as no surprise why so many players want to try their luck on it. And its popularity has made many wonder if they can secure a win. Well, they can’t, but there are some tips and tricks that might increase their odds. Find out more.

A Brief History of Roulette

It’s difficult to determine the true origin of some casino games. Over the course of time, the truth has become interwoven with legends and myths. For this reason, it’s difficult to discover where the facts begin and folk tales end. In roulette’s case, some say that it can be traced back to the 17th century and the mathematician Blaise Pascal. This was when he came up with a primitive form of this popular game.

On the other hand, others believe that the game originated in China. According to this version, it spread across Europe with a bit of help from merchants and traders. During this period, their business ventures in the East assisted them in becoming acquainted with a number of things. And as some think, roulette was one of them.

However, the universally accepted theory is that Blaise Pascal is the person we should thank for this riveting game. In particular, because “roulette” is French for “little wheel.” Rumours also say that Pascal took his own life because he couldn’t master his brainchild. But this is a part of one of the legends that exist to encourage people to pay closer attention. He actually died in 1662, following a brief illness. It had nothing to do with roulette.

Whatever the truth of its emergence may be, one thing is sure — playing online roulette provides an unforgettable experience. It could only be made better if there was some kind of trick with which you could beat roulette no matter what. In this article, we’ll mention what you should keep in mind before wagering. Also, we’ll explore some of the strategies a number of roulette players employ. However, we should emphasise that you should take those strategies with a grain of salt, for they might not necessarily work.

Find a Trustworthy Online Casino

Trustworthy Online Casino

Before contemplating whether there is any online roulette strategy that could make you a millionaire, you should find a reliable online casino. You don’t want to bet real money only to be informed that a particular operator doesn’t adhere by any rules. Especially because there is an increasing amount of complaints about slow payouts and non-payments in the gambling industry. As we’re sure that you don’t want to become a victim, we encourage you to do your fair share of research beforehand.

With this in mind, you won’t be disappointed by the number of watchdog portals that come to the players’ rescue. Most of them express an honest opinion and examine any complaint that comes their way. Therefore, if you want to win at roulette, make sure that your money is secure. Only when you have done this should you approach a virtual roulette table. After all, you’ll feel much more at ease if you know that you won’t encounter any issues that might deter you from online gambling.

Which Version Might Increase Your Odds?

Before you start examining your chances, you should be acquainted with how roulette works. If you play a game of roulette for free, the screen will show you a roulette wheel and a table that boast a specific layout. Here, the spots reserved for a zero greatly influence the game. Namely, in case the ball lands on it, all even bets go to the house. This is the main reason why the house edge varies, as you’ll see below. Depending on the version, you’ll either have 37 or 38 pockets at your disposal. After you place your bet, you have to wait for the ball to land on one of the spots. Your wagers determine your payout. Some pay 1 to 1, while others have up to a 35 to 1 payout.

While we’re at it, there are three popular variants of roulette — European, French, and American. The first two are similar in that they both have 37 pockets. The numbers here range from 1 to 36, while the additional spot is reserved for a single 0. However, one of the glaring differences is that the French version has its layout in the French language. And on top of that, they differ in their house edge.

Namely, the French Roulette gives the casino an advantage of 1.35%. This is the lowest house edge when compared to the other two. So if you’re lucky enough and see that your preferred casino has this variant, by all means, go for it. You won’t regret a thing. Aside from this, it would seem that this version was created to please the participants. It boasts the “La Partage” rule, which is applicable only if you place an even money bet. For instance, let’s say that you decide to place a bet on either red or black. And after the spin, the ball lands on a zero. Don’t sweat it — all is not lost. You’ll walk away with half of your bet, provided you fulfilled the previously-mentioned requirement.

In contrast, the European Roulette has the house edge of 2.70%, whereas the American amounts to 5.26%. Here, the higher house edge can be explained by the fact that the American version has an additional 0 spot. That is, it has both a 0 and a 00, which lowers your chances. For example, if you place an outside bet, then your chances of getting it right are about 48.65% if you’re playing European Roulette. But your odds in the American version are lower — around 47.37%, to be exact.

It goes without saying that you should always opt for the French Roulette if you want to increase your chances. Sadly, this one is not as widespread across the online community due to obvious reasons. Nevertheless, in this case, you should aim for the European variant and play it on a reliable site. This way, you’ll have only one zero, and your chances will be higher. Thus, avoid American Roulette at all costs.

Use Bonuses

One of the ways in which you can prolong your roulette experience is by using some deposit bonuses and free spins. Although some steer clear of them, we’re actually their proponents. Admittedly, they cannot guarantee you a win, but they’ll create more chances for you to place a winning bet.

For instance, an online casino offers a 100% bonus and 25 free spins for your first deposit. And let’s say you decide to deposit £100. In this case, you’re going to get an additional £100 on top of that. This means that you’ll have £200 in total to spend on your favourite game, as well as to use some free spins.

As previously mentioned, they don’t necessarily increase your odds, but they sure do arm you with more opportunities. And at times, this is all you need while playing a casino game.

Online Betting Strategies


Some players seem to forget one thing — the house always wins in the long run. If it didn’t, how else would casinos still be in business? So don’t expect that you can somehow outplay the casinos or always beat their machines. No matter the strategy you use, you’re still going against a random number generator. This system is in place to ensure a fair game. It goes over thousands of possible combinations a second and ends up with one result for each spin. At times, it might prompt the wheel to stop at a red number; at others, on black. On occasions, the virtual ball might land on an even number or even an odd one.

The point is — you won’t ever know the outcome. And no matter what you do, your chances of winning will remain the same. For example, if you place a bet on 3 numbers, your odds are around 8.11% on European Roulette. But they slightly decrease in the American version. They are at about 7.89%. If you want, you could always explore some strategies in hopes of increasing this percentage. Although not effective, it might be worth trying them out, at least in the beginning. We’ll go over the two most popular ones below.

Martingale Strategy

Among all the betting systems out there, this one is likely the most popular. Some players only use it in roulette, but others employ it in other casino games as well. In roulette, it’s recommendable to use it with even money bets (e.g., red/black, high/low, even/odd, etc.). The gist of this strategy is to double your bet after each losing spin.

Let’s say that you put £2 on odd numbers, but the ball lands on an even spot. You should then double your wager and place £4 on the table. In case you win with this bet, you go back to your starting bet size of £2. Follow this pattern until you finish playing.

In addition, this strategy occurs in cycles. Their length varies, but they end in either your win or loss. In order to bring this closer to you, we’ll go over another example.

For instance, you bet £1 on high numbers. But you lose, and then you need to put £2. After spinning, you lose again and have to wager £4. Finally, the ball lands on your spot, and you take back your £3 and even get an additional £1. But what happens if it doesn’t land on high numbers? Do people continue? If so, when do they stop? Well, let’s just say that this strategy isn’t for those who have a limited bankroll. After going over a certain amount, they might not have any money left to continue doubling.

Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy relies on the Fibonacci numbers which form a sequence. You will notice that the numbers in that sequence are the sum of the previous two, e.g., 1-1-2-3-5-8 and so on. This method should be used on outside bets, such as even/odd, red/black, etc.

What’s more, you memorise this sequence and then place your bets according to it. So you start with £1, and if you lose, continue until you basically win. And if you win, you should go down by two numbers in the sequence. Let’s say that you wager £5 on the black pocket and the ball lands on it. In this case, you should reduce your bet and return to £2. You can employ this strategy as many times as you wish. Although, the sequence doesn’t have an ending, so be careful. After all, you don’t want to lose all of your money. So always pace yourself and know when to stop.


In conclusion, once you find your favourite online casino, you can start playing. But don’t be blinded by the promises that roulette strategies usually make. They can’t help you strike gold every time you play. Ultimately, this is a game of chance which uses the random number generator. So no matter what you do, this system is always responsible for the outcome.

All in all, there is no way to cheat it. If it were that easy, then there would be a vast number of winners in the gambling world. However, what you can do is enjoy roulette and not sweat over some theories promising to get you rich quickly by playing roulette.


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