How to Win Online Roulette Every Time

Can you win at online roulette every time? Well, not quite. Instead, you can contemplate some tips and tricks that might increase your odds. Click here to see our suggestions.

Choose the Right Variant

If you want to maximise your chances of winning at roulette you need to select the right table. There are two types to choose from — American and European. Both roulette tables feature numbers from 0 to 36. However, they differ in that the American variant has another zero (00). Logically speaking, this reduces your odds of guessing the right pocket.

So, which one should you try? Well, everything points to the European roulette. Especially because this variant has a house edge of around 2.7%. Now, seeing how you probably want to land a win, you don’t want to go against a house edge of 5.26%. This would be the percentage if you were to opt for the American roulette.

To some, it seems that casinos wanted to defy the European version which was in favour of the players. Thus, they launched this second one to attempt to reduce the odds. As you might have seen, both of them are available in many online casinos. If you aren’t allowed to decide for yourself, you shouldn’t play at that particular website. The reason why they include only, for example, the American roulette is because they want to have a better advantage over you.

Overall, if you want to play online roulette, ensure that you go with the one that is less likely to impact your odds negatively.

Play at a Reputable Online Casinos

Don’t register an account on the first online casino you come across. Be patient and conduct research to determine which one deserves your time and money. You should always check whether it’s licensed or not and if there are any serious complaints. Also, it might be wise to check whether it offers any deposit bonuses just for signing up.

Apart from this, it would be helpful if it includes free spins. They might not ensure your win, but they could prolong your gameplay and provide more chances.

Strategies: Do They Work?

We’ve all encountered some people who proudly claim that a strategy has turned them into millionaires. They state that they always use it when playing casino games. And it’s only natural that roulette has brought about the need for such strategies as well. For this reason, many clickbait articles boast a number of them. Their sole mission is to attract your attention and have you read their advice.

Furthermore, we’ll go over them now. In the end, you might notice that they mainly suggest how you should bet. There is no particular move you can adopt that can secure your win as they only focus on your bankroll. And understandably — an online roulette strategy doesn’t exist. At least not the one that could exert a significant impact on your gameplay.

What’s more, online casinos endeavour to include a random number generator. In this way, they ensure that nothing influences the outcome. Nevertheless, as you might want to devise your plan, we’ll examine some betting systems.

The Martingale Strategy

Most roulette players have probably heard about the Martingale. It’s by far the most widespread betting strategy in the gambling industry. It permits you to set your initial bet and then go from there. The Martingale system relies on one notion — no matter how many times you lose, you’re bound to win at least once. Well, this is extremely comforting.

Because of this concept, it encourages players to double their bets after each loss. Let’s say that you decided to wager £10 on the red colour. But the ball lands on the black. This means that you need to double £10 on your next round. So you place £20 on the odd numbers section. And luckily the ball lands on that pocket. Congratulations, you’ve returned your lost money and won an additional £10.

Moreover, this is what we had in mind when we suggested that this was merely a betting strategy. If you decide to employ it, you might be better off starting with lower amounts. For instance, you can begin with £1 and then increase the amount depending on the outcome. All the while don’t forget that this cannot help you beat the roulette.

The Fibonacci System

Fibonacci System

Some players decide to forego the Martingale strategy in favour of the Fibonacci sequence. Anyway, it entirely depends on the players themselves. As long as you keep in mind that neither of them can ensure your win, you’re good to go.

To start with, we should mention that this includes following an established sequence. This sequence helps you set your bet and influences the amount you wager after each win or loss. Some say that this is by far safer than the Martingale, but we have our doubts.

In addition, your bets should follow one pattern. Namely, you should start with £1 and wager additional £1 if you lose. And if your losing streak continues, then you should place £2. After this, your next bet should be the sum of £1 and £2. If you were to lose even after wagering £3, then your next bet equals the amount of the previous two numbers.

Besides this, if you break your losing streak, you don’t need to move up the sequence. In other words, the strategy tells you to go back two numbers in case you win. So if you get as far as £8 and win, your next amount should be £3.

Of course, you don’t need to start with £1 — this choice is up to you. Some players only start with £50, but we do believe it would be safer to start with the lowest possible amount. Take into account that, the further down the sequence you go, the more money you will lose. Lastly, both the Martingale and Fibonacci strategies should be used on even money bets where your chances are 50/50.

The James Bond Strategy

For this strategy, all you need is £200. This would be your initial bet which you would need to split so as to cover several sections on the table. So, you place £140 on the section with high numbers (they start from 19 and end on 36). After this, your remaining £60 are placed on six numbers and a zero.

To be exact,  £50 would go on those numbers and £10 on a 0. In this way, you envelop most of the table, and you might increase your chances. Also, there are a number of possible outcomes in case the ball lands on one of these pockets. For instance, you could get £80 provided it lands on the high numbers. Aside from this, those six numbers could get you a profit of £100. Lastly, the zero comes with a £160 payout.

In contrast, if it lands somewhere else, you’ll lose £200. So opt for this strategy at your own risk. Additionally, it might assist you in getting quick earnings if you’re lucky. And if this happens, you should be prepared to end the game and stop. It could take all your earnings away just as quickly it helped you generate them.

Know When to Stop

As with most casino games, it’s also crucial to know when to stop while playing online roulette. Some people get carried away and believe that their winning streak will last forever. But, the truth is, the casino is the one that ultimately wins and not you. So if you have an advantage, this is when you should stop.

We know that it might be difficult to close your browser when you’re on a roll. However, if you don’t, you are making yourself susceptible to significant losses. As we presume you want to avoid this, you should set an imaginary limit beforehand.

Additionally, this limit should encompass the highest amount you want to bet and win. Don’t ever go above them. For instance, you might decide that you don’t want to wager more than £30; or that you want to stop when you win £50. The moment you reach either of these two amounts, motivate yourself to stop. We assure you that you won’t regret the decision.

Start Playing!

Now that you’ve read this, you can find an online roulette. Of course, always have just the right casino in mind. If you do, prepare your money and try your luck against this game of chance! You never know — maybe the ball lands on a red or black pocket as you had predicted beforehand. So what are you waiting for? Start playing immediately!

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