How to Make Money Playing Online Roulette

So are all those clickbait articles true? Can you surely make money playing online roulette? Well, don’t rush to believe them. You can’t outsmart a game of chance. But you can increase your odds. Read on to find out how.

Always Play the European Roulette

Every game is prone to alterations. This is the case with roulette as well. While you’re trying to locate your go-to online roulette game, you might notice that you can choose from a number of them.

For starters, the European Roulette consists of a 37-number wheel. In this case, there is only one zero. On the other hand, the American version has 38 numbers due to having two zeroes. And many casinos offer both versions to their loyal playerbase. If your favourite website also features both of them, disregard the American variant immediately.

The basis for this lies in their house edge. The European Roulette includes a house edge of 2.70%, while it is slightly higher in the other variant. Namely, the two zeroes in the American Roulette provide an advantage of 5.26% to casinos. And if the ball lands on this green spot, then all even-money bets go to the house. Now, you probably understand the need for creating another variant. By altering the wheel, casinos have increased their odds.

The only way you can minimise that advantage is by playing the European Roulette.

Adopting a Small Risk Approach

A vast number of players are dazzled by the possibility of guessing only one number while playing roulette. This is because the payout would be 35:1 — a figure that would make most people’s heads spin. Admittedly, we’re even tempted to bet on a single number because of it. However, we should stop to remind ourselves that the chances of predicting the number are slim. In the European Roulette, they are 37:1, whereas this number is 38:1 in the American version. Of course, the reason for that is again, the additional zero in it.

There’s one viral video online that depicts a man betting $100,000 (around £75,000) on one number. According to the video, the man was able to predict where the ball would land on the roulette wheel. If that information was correct, he won $3,500,000 (about £2,600,000). Now, this is an astonishing feat. Nevertheless, one that is difficult to accomplish. What would have happened if the ball hadn’t landed on that particular number? Well, he would have been $100,000 poorer now.

Outside Bets

Statistically speaking, the odds don’t quite work for you. For instance, there is a 2.70% chance to hit your desired number in the European Roulette. On the other hand, the rate is lower in the American Roulette — 2.60%.

As you can see, this doesn’t instil trust. We’re not saying that you should forego the inside wagers altogether. Rather, we’re suggesting that getting the number right while you’re up against a random number generator is not an easy endeavour. But if you wish, you might want to try placing lower bets, such as £1 and see where they get you.

Think About Outside Bets

In contrast, you might try placing outside bets. They exist to help you cover more sections on the roulette table. Aside from this, you have better odds of winning. Of course, the better the odds, the lower the payout. But you’d be safe in the knowledge that the risk levels are lower.

For example, you might place a bet on a column while playing the European or American Roulette. In this case, your chances would be 32.4% and 31.6% respectively. Or you might decide to wager on low/high numbers. Here, the odds are 48.60% and 47.4%, again, respectively.

Overall, we would recommend a slower approach. Although this might not increase your chances, it might make the experience unforgettable.

Roulette Strategy

Some players adopt certain strategies when playing online roulette for real money. In most cases, those strategies merely provide advice on how you should bet. A number of players adopt them thinking that they might end their losing streak. But if they were to examine them more thoroughly, then they would realise that these strategies wouldn’t exert any influence on the outcome. Particularly when playing roulette against a random number generator.

Down below, we’ll mention two betting systems which most players resort to. Also, we’ll explain their disadvantages as well.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy should be implemented on outside bets. For instance, you might use it while wagering on red/black, 19–36, or odd/even. This type of bet offers close to 50/50 chances, and sadly, the lowest payout (mostly, it is 1:1).

So if you want to start playing this game, you might want to try the Martingale. It teaches you that, even though you might face a losing streak, there’ll be a time when you’ll land a win. For this reason, you should double your bet after each loss.

Let’s say that you decide to wager £5 on 19–36. Unfortunately, you don’t get it right, and the ball lands on a different pocket. Therefore, in your next round, don’t lower your bet — double it. You should do this until you finally hit a win. And what happens then? Well, you should return to your initial bet and see how lucky you’ll be once again.

The Danger of Using This Strategy

The Martingale system is deemed to be extremely risky by some. And it’s not difficult to see why. You can easily run out of money. It might take only a few rounds for you to find yourself penniless. Apart from this, most casinos impose a betting limit in real life. It’s inevitable that you’ll eventually reach it if you wager according to this strategy.

Also, your losing streak might not end that soon. Thus, you might not even have an opportunity to double the amount and recover everything that you might have lost. This is where your problems might start. Nevertheless, if you want to test this, do it at your own risk.

The Fibonacci Strategy

Another popular betting system is the Fibonacci system. It includes a sequence which you need to adhere to while wagering. For instance, let’s say that you start playing by putting £1 on the virtual roulette table. In case you lose, you would need to bet another £1. And if your losing streak doesn’t end here, then you would have to wager £2.

As you might have inferred by yourself, this betting system teaches you that your next bet is always the sum of the previous two. So if you keep getting it wrong, you would have to place £3. However, this could go on and on (provided that the online casino doesn’t impose any betting limit), but it’s inevitable that you will eventually guess at least one pocket right.

Moreover, in this case, the Fibonacci sequence prompts you to return two numbers back in the sequence after each win. So let’s say that your last wager was £13. After winning, you would bet £5 again.


The Danger of Using This Strategy


This strategy is like any other — it will fail you in the long run. And quite frankly, why wouldn’t it? Come to think of it, this just advises you on how to bet. It doesn’t do anything to influence the actual outcome of the roulette game. And even if it wanted to, it wouldn’t be able to exert an impact — this is a game of chance after all.

What’s more, it doesn’t decrease the house edge in either of the two types of roulette. This is crucial for you to understand. Especially because, as we all know, the casino is the one that wins in the long run.

Additionally, before you try to employ this strategy, check whether your online roulette game has any betting limit. At times, you are not allowed to wager more than £100. This means that you’ll inevitably reach this limit, and then you’ll have no choice but to stop.

In the end, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. But if you were to ask us, we’d have to say that this strategy doesn’t do much for you.


In conclusion, the most important thing you should infer from this article is that you require luck to beat roulette. Apart from that, we’d recommend you to explore some of the things that might increase your chances of profiting.

Lastly, maybe the best piece of advice for you would be to forget about all the ways in which you could land a win and focus solely on enjoying your time while playing, especially if you’re doing that from the comfort of your own home.

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