Where Can I Play Roulette Online

Many players wonder where they can play roulette on the Internet. As they might have noticed, there is a vast number of online casinos that offer this chance. However, you can’t trust all of them. Click here to see what you should check before playing.

The Roulette’s Journey

Players should express their gratitude to Blaise Pascal the next time they visit their favourite casino. Namely, many claim that roulette was indeed his brainchild back in the 17th century. He came up with a game that has been attracting the attention of every possible gambler for about four centuries now.

Due to its nature, roulette has been included in a vast number of TV shows and movies. Here, good-looking men are dressed in tuxedos and enjoy a quick round of this game. The venue is always opulent, and you wish that you could join them.

Aside from this, it has had a prominent place in literature as well. In fact, Dostoyevsky centred his novella “The Gambler” around roulette in 1866. The prolific writer was addicted to it and had to write this book to return some of his outstanding gambling debts. Now, even though Dostoyevsky couldn’t, you should only perceive this game as a means of getting entertained!

What’s more, its mission to dominate the whole world didn’t stop there. Today, it’s present online and vies for the attention of gamblers. To some, it’s an obvious choice out of all casino games. This is probably because it transports them into the world of luxury, all from the comfort of their own homes. You should take advantage of this as well.

However, before you begin your online gaming experience, you should contemplate something. Firstly, how can you be sure that some online casino is worthy of your trust? Secondly, which version of the game should you play? We’ll endeavour to answer these questions for you. But before we begin, we genuinely hope that one of your answers isn’t “Well, I’d play on the first casino I’d stumble upon”. This article will prove just how wrong this approach would be.

So, get ready to become knowledgeable about the crucial points you need to examine before wagering real money.

The Importance of a Reliable Online Casino

If you want to play online, the first step would be finding a casino that isn’t shady. You don’t want to cough up a significant amount of money only to be misled. And don’t assume that this is far-fetched. Some rogue casinos have been deceiving their loyal players for quite some time now. Now, in order to prevent this from happening to you, check what you should pay close attention to.

Licence Indicates Good Things

Your go-to online casino needs to be licenced and regulated by a government. In this way, you’d ascertain that it adheres to some rules. For us, it’s crucial that it operates under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

In addition, the UKGC claims that its goal is to combat any crime that might exist in the gambling industry. Also, it inspects whether gambling has features that ensure it’s fair and transparent. Therefore, if an operator conducts business with its approval, you probably don’t have much to fret about. It’s the UKGC’s mission to guarantee secure gambling. With this licence, you can start playing online roulette games.

Make Watchdog Portals Your Friend

Reliable Casino

Any roulette enthusiasts should get acquainted with different review sites. They are a safe haven for those who have been cheated out of their hard-earned money. Namely, they can post their complaints and, at times, this might prompt a particular casino to resolve them as soon as possible. Nothing is more effective than poor marketing after all.

Furthermore, if you find examples which point out that you should steer clear of a casino, don’t take them for granted. It could be that the games are rigged and they don’t use a random number generator. In this case, what would your chances be against the roulette wheel? Well, slim. They would definitely be slim.

Besides, if you find an online casino with an impeccable record and reputable management, you should contemplate playing roulette there. It’s highly likely that your experience will be similar to those of others. Also, it wouldn’t put you off online gambling; and playing could take your mind off any problem that you might have.

Examine the Terms and Conditions

It’s of paramount importance that you devote some of your time to the Terms and Conditions. This is especially crucial for roulette. Namely, some casinos tend to say that certain patterns in your play might indicate that you’re breaching their rules.

Let’s say that you accept their 200% match bonus. They add it on your account, and you start playing after your first deposit. However, according to the Terms and Conditions of this offer, you cannot, under any circumstances, place even bets on both sides while playing roulette. If you do, then you might be accused of being a bonus abuser. Some online operators go as far as closing your account and forfeiting any remaining balance.

Moreover, as we’re confident that you don’t want this destiny to befall you, take a minute or two and read the general rules. You’ll know which things they might find offensive, and you’ll prevent them from confiscating your winnings.

The More Variants, the Better

In the online gambling community, there are two versions of this game that seem to prevail. You can either play the European or American Roulette. The first type has 37 numbers, including one spot for a zero. On the other hand, the American variant has 38 number and, here, you’ll notice two green spots, i.e. it has 0 and 00.

For this reason, many would advise you not to consider betting your money on it. Because of the additional pocket, its house edge is 5.26% which doesn’t work in your favour. In contrast, the European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%. We presume this might be enough for you to conclude that your selected casino should offer both variants.

In this way, it emphasises that it’s willing to cater to different tastes and allow players to be the masters of their own destiny. It doesn’t place any restrictions which makes for an exciting online experience.

In addition, on rare occasions, you might even find the French Roulette. If you do, consider yourself lucky. The house edge here is 1.35%, and this might entice you to try it out. As you’ll see firsthand, some rules might increase your odds in this specific variant.

Live Roulette Can Better the Experience

roulette Can be Better

Every reputable casino should offer live roulette. This causes the experience to be as authentic as possible. And it creates an atmosphere similar to the one on a real gambling floor. If you want to feel like you’re not in your living room but in a casino, then endeavour to find a site that provides this option.


To sum up, you’re all set to find a website on which you can enjoy one of your favourite pastimes. As you’ll be safe in the knowledge that that site is not there to cheat you out of your money, you can unwind. But never forget that you should play responsibly and know when to stop.

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